I want to just take this time to reflect on living in a 3rd World country....take note Americano's, you would appreciate your life much more if you lived abroad for a while. 89% of the country is poor, just think, lower Eastside & Highland Park combined & for my Atlantians, Eastpointe & College Park, and then think worser than that! (and yea, I know I said worser, it's my word..LOL) But, the difference is, nobody's mad and angry. People are just living life to the best of their abilities. Mind you, the everything's laid back and fast at the same time. But, their fast is 40mph to our 90mph. LOL. The customer service is outstanding- when you go to the grocery store, someone, rolls your buggy to your car & puts your bags in the trunk. When you pull up @ the gas station, they pump your gas. They have corner stores called Colmado's on every corner and 4 more up the same street. Little stores with a lil bit of everything one may need. But, you can call them on the phone and they will deliver anything to you. You want a beer, toilet paper, you need some onions, just call, and for less then, of our 10 cents, they will bring it to you happily. Oh, and my favorite, when you buy a beer, they open it for you and wrap it in napkins, cause they be cold. LOL The only place i know where you can go to the liquor store, buy your drink, & they give you a cup of ice and pour it for you, to walk out of the store with it sippin. ( I know I've been here too long, when I come into the liquor stores and they remember me, It's like Norm on Cheers, when I walk in they smilin, like What up Doe? They know my drink is either Henny or Courvoiseir or Black Label for the wifey) Not to mention, you can drive with open liquor too. The driving is horrible, Atlanta and Chicago mixed, but, i have yet to see an accident. They don't really have traffic laws, but it's either, Detroit bogard or give the right of way, but, they do it. If you drive scary or polite, you will never get where you're going on time. Back to the people, I have seen so many scenarios where, N.I.G.G.A.'s will eat you alive, and they don't even be on that. Women walk on the street, (mind you, fine as hell!) alone at all hours of the night, and are not harassed or harmed. The police are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They seem so lackadaisical, that they wouldn't help if you needed it, but, i haven't seen a reason to need them. But, they are out there. They don't have bums begging on the street, like we do, but, these bums, are working. They try to sell you any & everything, (why would anybody buy frigerator magnets while stopped at a light, I don't know, but they selling it. LOL) They are just trying to make a living, albeit, pushy and annoying, but, You can't knock they hustle. If you live in the more ex patriot areas or touristic areas, you'll find more American and European influences and accommodations. But the City of Santo Domingo, The real city is where you get to see life. At night, it's so much going on! There's Caribbean music blaring outta every hole in the wall and truck rolling down the street. People are walking any and everywhere. Their liquor stores and Colmado's become lil bars, people park and play all nite. Picture, Wyoming & Fenkell(back in the day), Chandler Park & Belle Isle. People just chilling and cruising and kickin it. Nobody fighting, frontin or especially shootin! I'm just saying what more can you ask for? Not to mention, the weather is always beautiful. So, for all of you who read this whole thing, this is only half of the wonder there is to know about the D. R. I just want everyone to know, this is a great place to visit and an even more wonderful place to live. Stay tuned fo more. — in Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional.

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